A morning visit to Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service | Long Term & High Security Estate - HMP Swaleside


We have been fortunate once again to have been invited back for another 'Inside Tour'; what's it realy like behind those walls, what's it really like inside a cell or a wing...... is it really like TV portrails?


Come & find out for yourself, a guided tour by the Governor & Senior Staff will truly enlighten you.


Through this visit you may be able to offer support or assistance in a voluntary or occassional role or even be placed to offer skills learning to HMP Swalesides guests?


If you have never been the other side of the wall & think this maybe of interest, then contact us now to 'Register Your Interest', numbers will be restricted and as you might expect a few hurdles might first need to be overcome....... but dont let that dampen your interest, CONTACT US here at NetworkKent

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